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Simple + Free Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a clean house. But with young children, less time, and lots of demands sometimes a clean home falls way down on the priority list.  Enter this weekly cleaning schedule printable

With it you can easily knock out all your entire house in a couple of hours or complete a section each day in a daily cleaning schedule if you prefer!

woman vacuums light and bright living room with large text overlay "simple + free weekly cleaning schedule printable"

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A few weeks ago the mom group I am a part of had a facebook “share your messy room” Monday post. It was a fun idea and made me feel less alone in the chaos that usually happens in our house with a toddler. But instead of a messy photo one of my friends posted,  “Today is my cleaning day, so at least for today the house is clean!”.

Now I will honestly share that I have printed out cleaning schedules with the best of them, I’ve even done the Flylady schedule which has daily tasks done on a weekly schedule and larger jobs on a monthly cleaning checklist–but I never kept up with it. 

messy kitchen

Then I ended up with a kind of “I do the chores when they need done” philosophy– which basically meant by the time they needed done they REALLY needed done. The house was cluttered and our cleaning habits went by the wayside. 

Maybe it sounds dumb, but until my friend’s comment it never occurred to me to pick a day for my weekly cleaning routine and other household tasks and stick to it. So after looking at what we had going on each day of the week I devised my own homemaking schedule that I try to follow on a weekly basis. 

This is a great way to make sure you don’t miss daily tasks and also don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of work to do! 

My Daily Routines 

I try to have a short daily list of simple tasks I want to be sure to stay on top of every day. My daily cleaning tasks are:

  • Washing dishes (loading dishwasher in the evening and emptying it in the morning) 
  • Wiping counters
  • Picking up toys and clutter — Normally after dinner and around lunch. If my kids are picking up I like to give them a number of toys to pick up “Pick up 30 things in the living room” instead of just a general “Pick up the living room” assignment. 
  • Taking out the trash
  • Doing a load of laundry a day. — I do this now that my kids are a little older rather than the once a week laundry day. Pick whatever suits your lifestyle and personality!

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Weekly Household Schedule

Monday: Bible study + light cleaning from weekend, generally sweeping the kitchen floors, light vacuuming if needed, and tidying up.

Tuesday: Grocery shopping + clean out leftovers from the fridge

Wednesday: Laundry

Thursday: Mops (mothers of preschoolers group) every other week and laundry spillover

Friday: Complete my weekly cleaning tasks! My house is not large so it is totally doable to do all the cleaning in one day. 

I like the weekly household schedule because you can easily flex your days to meet needs of stay-at-home moms, working parents and different seasons of life! Our household schedule also looks very different in the school year and during the summer. 

free printable weekly household schedule with green grid

My Weekly Cleaning Schedule Tasks

  • Laundry: Put away all clothes, Tidy, Sweep floor
  • Bathroom: Tidy, Sink, Mirror Toilet, Tub, Floor.
  • Dining Room: Tidy, Floors, Wipe down table and chairs, Dust, Water plants (<<this may be the only time they get watered, poor babies!)
  • Kitchen: Clear island, Dishes, Counters, Sink, Microwave, Stove, Floors. (I mop my floors every week because they are a dark hardwood and show dirt easily.)
  • Entry: Pick up, Sweep and Mop
  • Living Room: Pick up (I normally do this room during Layla’s nap and have her pick up all her toys in it beforehand), Vacuum, Vacuum couch, Wipe down hard surfaces.

Get your Free Printable Cleaning Schedule template here! 

How I Clean My House with Young Children

I normally go through the chores in the order listed and try to get everything except the kitchen floors, entry and living room done in the morning while my 2 year old is awake.

She likes to help clean too! She got a little cleaning set for her birthday and I often give her a paper towel and let her wipe chairs or cupboards or the stove off. She has the classic firstborn orderly streak in her.

Involve your kids in cleaning your home often while they are young! It helps teach them responsibility and how to enjoy housework. 

Layla cleaning helper

Then, once she is down for her nap I finish the kitchen floors, entry area, and living room. I love this steam mop for cleaning my floors! 

I like to light candles as I finish for the final touch. 

I currently use the Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day lavender multipurpose cleaner. I used to make my own cleaner, but in an effort to make my life easier while in the pregnant/newborn stage I bought this cleaner and I’m so glad I did! It smells heavenly and makes me want to clean my house. Seriously.

It takes me about 3-4 hours to clean everything, but that’s with lots of starts and stops and with Layla around.  I’m sure if she was gone (and I had my usual energy levels) I could knock it out faster. It has gotten easier each week as I keep up with the same things and get my “flow” down. 

How quickly it goes definitely depends on the size of your home as well! 

Katie cleaning oven

I randomly add in extra deep cleaning tasks as I see them needing done like wiping down cupboards, dusting cobwebs, cleaning walls, baseboards, etc. You could also use a spreadsheet or phone note and create monthly tasks for getting these bigger jobs completed regularly. Or add them to your spring cleaning jobs list!  

I like to rock out to upbeat music or listen to my favorite podcasts while cleaning.

living room clean

I love at the end of my cleaning day looking out over my cleaner home and having it all be sparkling at the same time. I know it won’t last long, but I like to pour myself a cup of tea, prop my feet up, and just admire. 

Some people like to divide their cleaning up on different days, but I really like having the deadline of FRIDAY so I don’t put things off and it’s all done at once. 

Of course, there is grace built into my household chores schedule. If the power goes out for 14 hours and I have to completely clear out my fridge and re-shop for groceries (this totally happened in my real life this week), then I’m unbothered if the laundry waits to get folded.

Life is like that sometimes, but I like to have my schedule and weekly cleaning list to fall back on so I can restart anytime. 

collage image with top photo of coffee cup, pens, notebook and printable weekly cleaning schedule and photo of woman in skinny jeans vacuuming her dog while her dog looks on.

Other Cleaning Tips and Homemaking Resources

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Monthly Cleaning Calendar Checklist

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Time Blocking Workshop for Busy Moms (this is huge to creating a mindset around your time and work at homemaking!) 


It just clicks in my brain to organize my homemaking by different tasks completely finished on each day and has made a huge difference in my ability to keep up with things around the house. The best part of having everything clean at once is it also keeps our family motivated to keep up with cleaning and tidying throughout the week.

How do you approach cleaning and other household tasks? Do you do your cleaning all on one day or spread it out? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Cleaning is something I do but definitely not something I have a routine for, and the deep cleaning tends to go by the way side. I think I’m just waiting a couple of years until I can make my girls do it for me 😉

    1. Yeah, I don’t know why this JUST clicked for me, but it did! And yes to little helpers! I let Layla wipe the chairs and trash can and use her little broom to “help” with the floor.

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