Weight Loss Tip: Change Things Up

So here we are in the month of May and change is in the air. Today’s Weight Loss Tip: Change Things Up is all about embracing change as a tool to get and stay healthy.

Weight Loss Tip

Change happens.  It’s inevitable.  If I would have known how much I would change and be changed in the past five years my poor little college aged brain would probably have exploded.

Change is assured in healthy living too.  And bottom line if you keep doing the same thing over and over your weight loss will stall out, you’ll get bored, and you may just inflame your poor little IT band. (Haha! Too soon?)



Changing Up Your Workouts

Change the activity.  Swap running for yoga. Rock a few deadlifts if you normally spin. Take that Zumba or Barr class, maybe even do something funky like belly dancing or taking a hip-hop class.

Change the place.  Do you go to the gym? Always go to the park? Hit up the same trails? Change your scenery!  Hit up the local pool or community center, grab some buddies and take a run on their favorite streets.

Change the timing. Do you always hit the gym in the am? Maybe try a long walk in the evening.  Or if you are always doing long steady state cardio swap in some shorter higher intensity workouts.


Change Up Your Eating

Change What You’re Eating. Maybe a bit obvious, but if you’re not getting the results your looking for you need to stop eating something you’re currently eating and start eating something you’re not currently eating.  (*ahem* Kate, are you listening to this?) So maybe you need to say goodbye to those “treats” hiding in your cupboards, stock up on the fresh, real foods. Eat those gosh darn bananas!

Change How Much You’re Eating. It’s not rocket science people.  Maybe you are eating too much.  Maybe your snacks have swelled in size or frequency. Maybe you need to cut back. Google “how many calories do I need to lose/maintain weight” then start eating that number. It is so seriously easy to track your calories. MyFitnessPal is awesome and intuitive, but a pen and notepad work great too. The flip side of this is if you are constantly eating below a recommended calorie guideline your body goes into starvation mode and will cling to your fat like it is the middle of the Ice Age and all the game has gone south. Eat within that healthy range. You can play with it a little based on the results you see, but keep it between the recommended calorie guidelines for your height, weight, sex and age.


My Changes

I have officially deferred my marathon until next year.  It’s over. I decided on Monday.  It was a sad decision, but one that I’m happy to have just made—sometimes having the decision weighing over you is worse than actually making a touch decision.  Part of me still wishes I was going for it and toughing it out—making it happen. But I trust I’m making a smart long-term decision for my health and running career.

So what does May have in store for me? I’m joining Bobbi’s of NHerShoes’ Summer Shred.

Basically this represents a welcome change from long distance running for me! Bobbi’s shred is from May 1st- May 31st and includes 5 workouts a week of 20-40 minute workouts, plus the option of incorporating running.  It also provides healthy clean eating menu plans, shopping lists, a facebook support group, and prizes. All kinds of positive changes and motivation that I need right now. It’s the perk I need after the downer of my injury and cancelled marathon. Woohoo! I’m excited.

Change is good, people!

What changes are you embracing in your life?

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  1. Changing it up with a fitness routine is always a good idea. I love trying new things, even though I might be petrified at first.

    I am sorry you had to defer your marathon until next year. 🙁
    Probably the best decision though.

    1. Thanks girl! I’m sad too…but after “running” Tuesday I really knew it was impossible to do while respecting my body and the distance. Not now doesn’t mean not ever!

  2. LOVE this post! I often give the same advice that change is good and necessary for you to stay motivated and to see a real difference in your body. You have to listen to yourself too. If you needed time to heal and get yourself healthy before running a marathon, then you’re doing the right thing for yourself in the long run. Thanks for the great advice and for sharing this post! 🙂

  3. Aw, I’m sorry to hear that you had to push your marathon back, but I’m so glad that you seem to be semi-okay with it. 🙂 Sometimes you just gotta do what you need to do!

    One of the things I’m really trying to change is just incorporating more strength training into my workouts! Ever since I started training for my half I’ve completely neglected it. 🙁

    1. I think it’s hard to keep strength training while training for a big running event. Good goal!

  4. I think that you will be happy that you are able to heal instead of hurting your ITB even more. As hard as I am sure it was, it is probably for the best!

    1. Yes. Yes, it was hard, but I’m confident I made the best decision and I hope to back to running ASAP!

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