The Benefits of a Small Weight Loss

This week  I want to remind you that any progress—no matter how small—is still progress!  There are huge benefits for losing just 10% of your bodyweight or less. DON’T GIVE UP if you’ve “only” lost 5-10 pounds and have more to go. Own every singe pound—heck I own every half pound! Don’t ever say I “just” took a walk or I “just” ran a mile or I “just” did the modifications.  You are doing something awesome, even if it is small.   We all have to start somewhere and losing 10% or less of your bodyweight (10-20 pounds) is a great place to start.

the benefits of a small weight loss

The Benefits of a Small Weight Loss

1.)  Preventing or reversing diabetesStudies have shown that losing as little as 5%-7% of bodyweight reduces the risk of diabetes by 58%.   That is pretty significant! One of my major motivators for healthy living is my family history of Type 2 Diabetes, and I’m determined to beat diabetes before it’s even part of the game!


2.) Lowering risk of heart disease—Yes! Even a small amount of weight loss means lowered blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels which reduces stress on your heart and helps to lower your risk of heart disease. Considering that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. this is good news.

3.) Increased energy—Being able to tackle a set of stairs or take a hike with your family without huffing and puffing is an incredible feeling! You will probably find yourself reaching less often for a quick sugary pick me up and going for the foods that will continue to fuel your energy and weight loss goals.


busting summer excuses: be active on vacation

4.) Improved sleep—Especially if you have sleep apnea reducing your weight can improve your symptoms, but overall you should rest better and sleep deeper as you get lighter. Try to get to bed early and build relaxing routines for prime sleep.

5.) Increased body confidence—10% is enough that you should start noticing, your jeans are a little looser at the waist, a bit baggier at the butt.  Your cheekbones are coming out more.  You can fill those hip bones again. You may want to start shaking your booty more often, and you make catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and like what you see.

6.) Increased self confidence–And even if you don’t yet SEE any visible changes in your weight, take pride in the fact that you ARE changing and your commitment to healthy living sets you apart from the average person. Let me just rip off a Dave Ramsey “ism” and say: Don’t be average or normal. Normal is broke, sick, fat, and in debt. Be awesome and weird!


7.) Give you a taste of living lighter—Compare your 10% less self to your former self.  Write down the benefits you’ve experienced.  Use the ones here and ones that are personal to you as well! Can you carry all your groceries in one trip?  Run around the playground faster with your kids? Buttoning a vest that couldn’t button before? Recognize and WRITE DOWN what you’ve accomplished and let that fuel your future progress.

The benefits of a small weight loss are HUGE!!  It’s the small snowball at the top of the hill that is gonig to pick up speed and propel you forward to your goal of a healthier life. So what are you waiting for? It’s “just” a few pounds!

What did or does losing 10% mean to you?

What positive changes have you experienced from losing a smaller amount of weight? 

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