Weight Loss Tip: Imagine Success

Hey! I’m popping in with a Wednesday Weight Loss Tip! It has been awhile since I shared one—you can find all the tips under the weight loss tab entitled weight loss posts. Lots of good stuff there.

Today though I want to talk about how imagining success kept me motivated and on track during my weight loss and currently during my pregnancy.


When I was overweight I would stand in front of my mirror trying on tons of outfits before going out. This one was too tight. That one showed off my love handles. One was too bulky. If I added a scarf would it distract from my waistline? How about a statement necklace? Eventually I ended up disheartened, hating the way I look, and with a big ole pile of clothes on the floor. Please tell me you’ve been there!

When I finally decided to lose the weight instead of talking about losing the weight, I knew what I really wanted. I wanted to wake up in the morning, pick a cute top from my closet, add in my favorite jeans that fit perfectly, look in the mirror and be totally satisfied. No twisting, no covering up, no dressing to conceal, no class reunion, no wedding, no big day—just me, in my room liking what I saw. Body Confidence FTW

Enjoying my newfound body and confidence summer 2012! The shirt is a joke—I would never buy that.

One of the reasons I was successful is I attached VISUALLY and EMOTIONALLY to a long term goal. One that keeps me motivated everyday I open my closet—more than looking good in my clothes, it’s about being comfortable and confident in my own skin. I could SEE myself doing it. I imagined how it would feel. And then I became that girl I imagined.

I’ve done this other times too. Whenever I train for a race I envision how I want to feel before, during, and after the race. Do I want to be nervous or confident in my training? Do I want to struggle every mile, dread every hill or do I want to plunge forward with joy and skill? Do I want to reach the finish feeling like I could have done better or thrilled because I gave it my all and had a blast?

Race Success

Right now, I’m pregnant. Part of me feels like “giving up” and going into pre-hibernation-like comfort food eating. I mean really, who cares? I’m pregnant, right?

Once again, I have attached myself very strongly to having a healthy, capable, strong body during my labor. Every time I workout I tell myself how much easier the marathon of labor will be because I am training for it now. I see myself rebounding quicker, feeling capable throughout, pushing my baby in a jogging stroller, still making healthy choices for myself and my family.

I see it. I know what it feels like. I want it. And so I push myself to continue to make healthy choices: to eat right, to exercise, to sleep, to de-stress so I can once again be the smart, healthy, confident, beautiful me for another day.

So I ask you: What is your picture of success? What does she do? Where does she go on the weekends? How does she feel? What are her hobbies? How old is she?

Get a concrete image of what healthy living success looks like to you. And then go get it.

What is your picture of success? My ultimate picture is a 75 year old Kate running 5Ks with her grandchildren.

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