Weight Watchers Week 12

Wow! I have been at Weight Watchers again for almost 3 months! Crazy! I’m so glad that I started again and I’m fairly pleased with how things have been going. I have lost weight every week except for one. It can be frustrating at times because I’m not losing as quickly as I’d like, but I also could definitely be making better choices and limiting my “treats” more than I am doing right now. I know if I dial in how I’m spending my weekly points plus budget I would probably see the scale move more quickly. This week I used all 49 of my weekly points plus budget and all but 4 of my activity points too. (I was foiled by Red Robin!!)

Weight Watchers Week 12


I hit a milestone this week though! I have lost 5% of my bodyweight! Although it doesn’t seem like much, losing that weight has made me so much happier with my overall appearance and I feel stronger physically as well. I feel like physically I see that my face has thinned out, I’ve lost weight off my chest and my waist is narrower and flatter. Little steps folks! (Also, how much did Layla grow in those months! From chubby baby to busy toddler!)

5 percent difference

I have been extremely consistent in my workouts, getting in 5 workouts a week most weeks since I started. Even in the fall I was struggling to have those consistent workouts so I’m glad for that non-scale victory of taking back my healthy exercise habit.

fresh foam zante by new balance

The secret to making exercise a priority? Getting up earlier. At least for me this has been huge. If I don’t get up early it gets pushed back and I generally settle for a lesser quality workout. Making it the first thing in my day is so helpful for me and thankfully I don’t have ot get up super-duper early for it.

Another thing I’d like to do is create a “cheat-sheet” of healthy choices at the restaurants we frequent most often so I don’t get waylaid by defaulting to my unhealthy “classics”. Then I’ll save them to my phone’s notes so I can quickly check in and be reminded of the best choices to eat while out and about!

Drink the spark!

I’ve been having really low energy dips in the afternoon so I may reorder some Spark from Advocare to help boost me through that part of the day. I liked having them back when we did the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and think it’d be nice to have that again.

My plan is to enjoy the rest of the great weather this week and just keep on doing what I’m doing! Tracking, working out, sleeping good, staying positive and changing what I can when I can!

What is your go-to healthy eating out food? When do you find it easiest to stay committed to your workouts? 

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    1. Yeah, it’s my favorite!! It was good, but I probably will tweak what I order next time around. It was a little ridiculous!

  1. Way to go sticking with it for 3 months! I still find eating out tricky. That’s why I rarely do it. : ) I hear you on the afternoon energy dips. That’s my witching hour.

    1. Thanks! Some restaurants are no big deal, but some can totally foil me! I think that having go-tos will be helpful and eating out less would be beneficial……it just probably won’t happen! LOL!

  2. I have learned to ask for food cooked for me the way I need it at restaurants. If I want chicken I ask them to wash the seasoning off and scrape the grill. I figure if I’m paying for it I want it done the way I need it done. LOL GREAT job of your continued weightloss, keep it up.

  3. YEY!!! Congrats to you! 5% of your body weight is so awesome, AND you’re almost at the 10 pound mark! WOO!! Creating a cheat sheet for your favorite restaurants is a great idea, too! Keep it up, girl!

  4. I don’t have many healthy go-to eating out foods to be honest. If I’m eating out, it’s usually because I’m splurging. But recently, I’ve been getting salads when I go out because a lot of restaurants in my area are bringing their A game with creative summer salads 🙂
    Also, congrats on all you’ve accomplished so far!

    1. Yeah, I think that is the problem when I’m eating out and it’s a splurge okay. But everytime we eat out is NOT a splurge so those times we are eating out cause we are busy or I don’t feel like cooking I need to make the healthy choices. I’m sure it would help if we didn’t eat out so often…two eating out splurges in one week killed me!

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