Weight Watchers Week 4

Dun, dun, duuuunn….week 4 was not good to me. Or rather I was not good to week 4. And that showed up on the scale…of course.

Weight Watchers Week 4


Baking cookies, eating cookies, and just in general having more “bad” food in the house killed me. It’s hard to say no. I own it. I accept that this week was not normal, not my best with food choices; it’s done. I really got back into it after the weekend so that was definitely good. There’s no point in letting a bad couple days turn into a bad week!

And also this:

You Only Cheat Yourself

Just layin’ some truth on myself.

Good Things from this Week:

I got in 16 activity points! My workouts this week were:

Wednesday: Strength workout

Thursday: TurboJam

Friday: Off

Saturday: 30 minute walk with my mama

Sunday: Off

Monday: 30 Day Shred (SUCH  good workout!)

Tuesday: TurboJam

So I’m happy with my workouts for the week! If you can’t tell I’m looking for quick workouts! Hence, the TurboJam and 30 Day Shred and walking. I’m making choices that limit my excuses, I mean we all have 20-30 minutes, am I right?

Goals for Next Week:

1. Track faithfully. Everything. Everday. Everytime.

2. Along with 5 days of workouts (15+ activity points), I want to get back to some running this week! Please go away snow! I really want to run outside!

3. Water, water, water.

4. Taking a multivitamin–I’ve gotten out of the habit, since stopping breastfeeding.

And there’s where we stand this week! I’m excited to see the progress I can make this week; no looking back!

How do you deal with a weight gain or bad couple days of eating? 

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  1. I usually just say that I can’t rewind the past. I have to just let go of those bad couple days and just move on. Keep it up Kate. Don’t get discouraged.

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