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7 Positive Things To Do After a Cheat Day

Whether your cheat day was pre-planned or one of those random days when things go of course and your best fitness and healthy eating intentions fly out the window–these 7 positive things to do after a cheat day will help you get back on course. 

We’ve all had a bad day, but how do you stop that from rolling into a  couple of days, a week, months, years?  How do you get unstuck? Keep reading for these 7 tips. 

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7 Positive Things to Do After a Cheat Day

1.) Stop the cycle.

Just stop. Stop, stop, stop.  Throw your Cheetos in the trash can. Literally get rid of anything that stands in your way. 

If you can’t get rid of it, put it someplace physically hard to get to—like you need to get a step-stool to get to it.  Set a timer for 5 minutes and sit through your cravings. 


 Drink a glass of water, if you are still feeling hungry when the timer goes off, fix yourself an actual healthy snack or meal, sit down at a table, and eat it.

Food isn’t the enemy, but if you are in a bad place you need to put up some boundaries.

Candy shop


2.) Distract yourself with positive outlets

Take a walk, call a friend, go to the mall, read an interesting book, paint your nails, turn on your favorite music, draw, write, play with puppies. I love this list of Ways to Get Out of a Funk and Find Joy! 

Bottom line: Keep your brain and body occupied.

3.) Get with supportive people


Find your tribe! There are LOTS of people out there trying to pursue good health. 

Find them! Connect on blogs, Facebook, Twitter.

Look at your “real” friends—surely, you have one or two that is also into fitness—beg, recruit your friends to keep you accountable, work out with you, and try out new recipes together. 

Also, I think it’s important to have one “hard line” friend who won’t put up with your B.S. when you are on a downhill slide, will text you everyday, and will show up at your house to go running with you, and will tell you to your face (in the nicest way possible) when you need to get back into your healthy habits. 

4.)  Examine your motives

There are reasons why you’ve fallen off the wagon.  Is it a loss of motivation, stress at work, a busy time, trying to meet your emotional needs with food, sickness, or just needing a break? 

What changed and sent you downward?

Also, you’re smarting than getting sucked into the comparison trap, right?  Own YOUR game, don’t compare yourself to others.

5.) Make a Plan


Now that you know what got you stuck and are in a better place—let’s get unstuck! 

Set some attainable goals like eating 4 servings of vegetables today, working out 50% more this week than last week, trying a new healthy version of your favorite dinner, or doing one single workout on Youtube

Write those goals down. 

Place them somewhere you can see them every day. Reach out to your social circles and get encouragement to stick to your goals.


6.) Work the plan

Do the work. Just do it. Every darn day. Get back on your plan and just keep going. If you blew out a tire you wouldn’t poke holes in the other four would you? 

Just keep going. 

7.)  Give yourself room to be human


Sometimes, when you’re trying so hard to be perfect, you fall off the wagon because perfect is exhausting and impossible. 


Give yourself room to eat cupcakes and watch trashy t.v. Once or twice a week just take it easy, killer.  Stay dialed in the majority of the time, but don’t try to always eat or exercise perfectly because you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Eat food because you enjoy it and move your body because it feels good.

How do you stop a bad day from turning into a bad week?  Any tips on how to get back on your game?

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  1. I know that I definitely overindulged this weekend, but I came back, reevaluated, and made Travis take all of the leftover candy to work with him 🙂

    1. Yes, getting the junk out is important! Especially over those willpower foods–Easter candy doesn’t get to me at all, but brownies and fresh bread–oh yeah!

  2. Thanks Ali! I think balance is key and realizing that things may not always be perfectly balanced short term, but they do balance out long term.

  3. Love your pieces of advice! To prevent a bad day from turning into a bad week or month or year, I constantly remind myself that my body doesn’t look at calories or food in weeks. Why should I throw away the entire week because of an extra brownie? This usually gets me right back on track 🙂

  4. Oh man, I love this! I just found your blog through Sam Semans’ blog… I am excited to follow a new fitness focussed blog! I’m whipping this butt into gear this spring! I actually just got back from the gym before reading this! Thanks for being a new motivation for me!

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