What Will Your Holidays Look Like?

What will your holidays look like?

What will your holidays look like? Do you want to be a leaner, fitter, lighter you? You can! Join me in setting big goals form now till Christmas.

“Wait! Kate! Halloween isn’t here yet! We are not in “holiday mode” yet! Chill out! Turn off the Michael Buble Holiday mix!”

I know. I know.  We aren’t there yet, (and I’m a grown woman so I can listen to Christmas music whenever I want) BUT, you guys, Thanksgiving is 4 weeks away and Christmas is 8. And I guess the question for me–for you is…what do you want your holidays to look like? 

Do you want to be leaner in 4 weeks? Stronger? Faster? Do you want to kick your sugar cravings? Feel more energized? In the next 8 weeks there is plenty of time to change and see marked improvement. We can let these 8 weeks slide by, accepting that we will move less and eat more, and have a few more pounds to resolve to lose at New Years. Or we can look at these 8 weeks as a challenge.

How can I improve my health in the next 8 weeks?

I’m ready to lock into the goal of completing at least 4 workouts a week until Christmas and cutting out excess candy and treats.




I know it doesn’t sound like much….no PR goals for this preggo and I literally can’t swear of carbs while pregnant, but it is big for me because I haven’t completed that many workouts consistently since like Week 6 in my pregnancy. And there is a part of me that is okay with that, because being pregnant is hard. #exhaustion #naseau But the next 8 weeks I’m ready to commit to moving my body regularly and fueling myself in the smartest way possible. I want more workouts and less sugar. I’m all about being able to indulge every once in awhile, but my once in awhiles have been growing closer and closer together. I know less sweets will be good for me and good for my baby.

So daily I want to drink my 64 ounces of water, get up earlier to workout (even if it’s short), and limit sweets to once a week. (<<<that one will be the hardest!) Thanksgiving will be a real testing point with the traveling and holiday meals, but I feel like if I can get through that successfully the rest will be a breeze.

That’s what I want from the next 8 weeks. When I kick-off the new year I want to do it feeling fitter than I do now. I know it won’t be easy thanks to holiday cooking, travel, and sweets galore. But I’m excited for the next 8 weeks!

To help me set a goal that is actionable I broke this down like this:

  1. What do I want from the next 8 weeks?
  2. What will I do DAILY for the next 8 weeks to help me achieve my overall goal?
  3. What will be a midpoint check in for me so I know I’m on track?


Holiday Goals Worksheet

I also made that nifty printable for you so you can follow along with your 8 week goals for the holidays! Just right click, save as a picture and print it out!

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Won’t you join me? What is something YOU want to accomplish in the next 8 weeks?

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  1. Great idea to have a plan with detailed steps to get you through the holiday season. It can be tough with all the treats and extra time sucks around! Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like the first step to reaching your goals are already in place an that is to write them down! You are going to do great through the holidays. Pick your battles, if it is something you really want lay off of something else to get it. It’s all about balance.

    1. It is probably smart to schedule some kind of intense training goal or race near the holidays too. That can definitely keep you focused!

  3. My sister called me yesterday to coordinate Hanukkah gifts for our parents – so not ready for the holidays! ha! But it is great to mention that the holidays are creeping in. If you want to feel awesome in that holiday dress and get a kickstart on the new year’s resolution crowd, the time to start working toward healthy living goals is now 🙂

  4. For me it’s to stick to regular training (which includes a marathon!) and not go overboard with the treats, as they’re usually things I can’t have 🙁

  5. I’m due Christmas Eve, so my big goals over the next 8 weeks are to continue exercising as my body allows me to, and to not overindulge in holiday treats. I know that since I’m not exercising as much as I want to that I’m not burning as many calories. I’ve done a great job staying active and healthy so far, and I don’t want to let that go to the wayside over the next 8 weeks.

    1. You are seriously KILLING it girl! Great goals for the next 8 weeks. How exciting that you’ll be holding your little one soon! Also, birthday is Dec 21 if you want to aim for a little early. 😉

  6. My goal is to go into the holidays feeling healthy and happy. I have been pretty neglectful of everything lately- sleep, food moderation, etc. It was hard coming off after a marathon and traveling constantly. Hopefully now that I am back into a schedule I can keep myself on track again!

  7. omg xmas is in 8 weeks?!? Jeez. My holiday goals will be to just watch my health and also keep active. It’s so easy to skimp on workouts now that I’m not training for anything but I really REALLY want to avoid that this year.

    1. I always focus better when I have a goal in mind, but sometimes I need that mental freedom to just do whatever feels good as far as workouts.

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