Workout Moves I Love, Hate, and Love to Hate

Happy Monday!  We all have certain moves in the gym we’re not fond of, others we would do anything to avoid and others we hate, but know they’re really good for us. Today I thought I would share with you the workout moves I love, hate, and love to hate.

The Ones I Love

Romanian Deadlift is one of my absolute favorite strength training moves.  I think it’s fun to perform and I love the burn it gives my butt and the back of my legs!  I prefer to keep both of my feet on the floor (I’m naturally the most uncoordinated person you’ll ever meet) but I sometimes do the one-legged deadlift too; it takes a lot of mental concentration for me to do it on one leg!


Rows are another one of my favorite moves! Now rows are fun because there are so many ways to do them: bent over row, seated row, upright row, row machine, the fun just never ends!

Jumping Jacks are another cardio move that I really like.  Sometimes I try to do them really fast, other times I slow down and focus on perfect form, sometimes I clap my arms when I bring them overhead, you just never know with these guys!

The Ones I Hate

Burpees. I hate them so much.  I just don’t even know how to say how much I dislike them.  Bouncing, jumping, and adding push-ups to them? Not even cool.

Calf Raises are another exercise I don’t like, but not because they’re hard like burpees, but because I always feel like their easy and I feel stupid doing them.  And don’t even get me started on donkey calf raises—who invented those? Mr. Awkward?

The Ones I Love to Hate

Lunges how I loathe thee, how I love thee….I love thee for thy toning power, thy inner thigh reduction, thy tush toning; I loathe thee for thy burn, thy pain, thy sweat, thy revenge which resteth until the next rising sun and then attacks with aching fury.

Running is the other love-hate relationship I have. I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment, the calorie burn, the distance and speed elements, but no, I don’t love that exhausted feelings, the ick of sweating profusely, the blisters, and more.  But I do love my runners legs, which makes up for it!


The Plank is also my dearest friend and worst foe.  I think one of the things I hate about it is that it still seems to me like such an easy thing to do.  “Just stay like this for a minute.”  But I also love how it pulls my tummy in tight and the “heck yeah!” feeling when I hold one super-long!

So tell me what is one workout move you love, hate, and love to hate?

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  1. I HATE BURPEES TOO! I’m getting better at them, but they’re still terrible. One day we did Burpee burnouts and I almost vomited on the floor. I hate them so so much. I LOVE planks though! There are so many variations to them! Side planks are not my favorite of the planks, but I still love planks! 😀

    1. OMG hill running is rough! But still good–I love coming to a hill and knowing I’m strong enough to conquer it!!

  2. I love to hate burpees. They’re so exhausting and so hard and I can only do like 5 of them without passing out, but they also leave suuuuch a nice burn. 🙂

  3. Burpees really are evil… 🙂 I really love doing the clean and press. It’s probably my favorite move right now. I want to keep getting better and add more weight….eventually. 🙂

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