Spiralize Yourself Healthy: 8 Delicious Recipes

Spiralizing is basically as cool as a vegetable gets. I mean, it’s hard to like vegetables, but turn them into long skinny “noodles” and all the sudden people are coming out of the woodwork to eat them. I mean who doesn’t want to eat zucchini when it tastes like pasta?

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Check out Spiralize Yourself Healthy: 8 Incredibly Delicious Recipes

by Katie Scott at Mode

A spiralizer (affiliate link) is on it’s way to my house as we speak and I’m so excited about trying out this new healthy living appliance. It may be a food fad, but I am okay with that if it helps my family eat more veggies. While waiting for it to arrive I have been salivating over some delicious recipes that all use a spiralizer like these shoestring sweet potatoes. Yes, please!

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Check them out in this collection I put together on Mode. You can also see other fun collections I’ve put together like this one: Live. Love. Lake. Perfect Decor for Your Lake Cottage. It’s fun to be creative in non-foodie ways too!

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Do you have a spiralizer or have you tried spiralized veggies? Feel free to share your favorite recipes in the comments! 

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    1. I know! The one I got was about $30 so it really wasn’t too much and I used some Amazon points towards it too. Always looking for a deal here. haha!

    1. No! Mine is in the mail and I should get it in the next few days. Where did you get the Inspiralized cookbook? Did it come with your spiralizer?

  1. I do have a spiralizer and I love it! We make zoodles all the time. I’m going to try shoestring sweets, because they look delicious!

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