Across a Cup of Coffee: Off to the Fair!

Hey there!  I thought I would do a nice “across a cup of coffee” chat today so…here goes…let’s do this over iced coffee cause that’s the picture I have handy. Lol!


If we were sitting across a cup of coffee we would be sitting in a car because I am heading to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio today! I’m excited to have this girls weekend with my mom, sister, and of course, Layla. I’m probably going to buy her a few headbands…aren’t baby headbands the cutest?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my workouts have been pretty negligible this week. It’s been a pretty, active week though, but things (all good!) have just come up repeatedly that have pushed working out to the backburner. It happens. Some weeks you kill it (like last week!) and some weeks you just do what you can. firsthalf.jpg

If we were having coffee I would show off the cute jeans and tops I got this week at Kohls! Since I’m not back in my pre-pregnancy clothes (still up a size-ish) yet I’ve been putting off getting clothes, but I found some great deals at Kohls on Wednesday night and I just went for it. It’s nice to have clothes you feel nice in no matter if you are at your “goal” weight or not.

I’d tell you I’m also excited about starting Fall Bootcamp next week with Your Trainer Paige. I like her style and it really fits with my focus on strength training right now. It’s gonna be a fun 8 weeks!

And that’s all for me today! Short and sweet! Have a great weekend!


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