7 Month Pregnancy Update–Baby #3

Let’s talk about this baby! This is definitely my third pregnancy because I think I’ve posted maybe a grand total of 4 bumpdate posts! #poorthirdchild But I thought I would update you all on how things are progressing at 31 Weeks, aka 7 months!

How is baby?

At my 28 week appointment I had an ultrasound to check on our little man’s growth and he weighed 3 pounds and was in the 85% for growth, measuring about two weeks early. Because I have gestational diabetes I will probably have another 2-3 ultrasounds before he is born to keep an eye on growth and make sure everything is going swimmingly in the womb! I think he looks a lot like Barrett from the ultrasound pictures!

7 month pregnancy update

How is that diabetes life?

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my first trimester (more about that here) and for awhile managing it was pretty low key: I ate the diet, my numbers were good, no worries. But around the 27-28 week mark my numbers, especially my overnight fasting glucose were ticking upward, which was no bueno. So we tried some diet adjustments, then medication, and the possibility of insulin injections, but for right now I am taking a medication and eating a high protein/low carb/no fat snack in the evening. After trial and error and dietician consultation, I’ve found that eating zero fat Greek yogurt is awesome at keeping my levels in check overnight! So you’ll just find me in the dairy aisle stocking up!

Having my levels go higher while I was still eating exactly the number of carbs assigned was incredibly frustrating and stressful. Last week I probably had the worst 2 day stretch of anxiety, hormones, stress etc….there may have been a sobbing breakdown in the Biggby Coffee parking lot. But at the end of all the drama I had two VERY helpful chats with a dietician and nurse at the diabetic center, and since then I have had in range fasting numbers for almost a whole week! Yay!

I also learned that your blood sugar numbers are influenced by stress. So basically I need to chill the frick out and eat Greek yogurt.

How is mama?

kate and bear

I’m good today! Physically I wear down more quickly and heavy things (>>my 14 month old) are getting heavier, but overall things are good. I’m still walking everyday 1-2 miles, but they are getting slower and I’m learning I need to always have water nearby when I’m outside. This is my first time being pregnant in the summer (my other two kids were born in February and April) so I definitely like that I can still get outside and walk and be active and how fast the weeks go by in summer! This baby will be here before we know it!

Emotionally it is kind of the pregnant lady roller coaster, but hey, at least by the third one I’m expecting myself to be a little crazy. 😉

My family is also up here at the lake doing family vacation so that has been lots of fun! We are doing lots of beach and splashpad time  and cousin bonding! Overall, I’m grateful that this week has been smoother than last week and I’m making it my goal to “stay chill” and prioritize self care in the upcoming weeks! 9 weeks till baby!

fam pic 4th of july

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